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Services & Facilities

View below what we can offer at Midhurst Vets

Our Services

  • Vet Consultations
  • Nurse Consultations
  • Additional Services

Vet Consultations

Vet consultations are available by appointment. We allocate 15-minutes per appointment, giving us time to properly examine your pet and discuss the treatment options.

We offer in-house facilities for blood testing/analysis, x-ray, ultrasound and are able to admit pets for observation, stabilisation and further investigation if necessary. If further investigation or follow up treatment is needed you will be provided with an estimate of costs.    

Your pet’s clinical history is held on a system which can be accessed at either of our surgeries so you can choose which one to attend based on your convenience.

Nurse Consultations

Nurse consultations are available by appointment. They can be useful for:

  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail clipping
  • Anal gland expression
  • Administering flea and worming treatments
  • Tick removal
  • Dental examinations and demonstration of teeth brushing
  • Implanting of microchips
  • Sexing kittens and rabbits
  • Advise on weight management, diet and exercise
  • Administer tablets and/or treatments if you are having trouble doing that yourself

Free nurse clinics offered

  • Microchips
  • Express anal glands
  • Weight clinics
  • Senior clinics
  • Diabetic clinics
  • Puppy and kitten checks
  • Flea and worm treatment checks

Additional Services

  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • ECG
  • Written prescriptions
  • Pet passports


  • Digital X-Ray - A high quality digital processor enhances our x-ray facilities. This also allows for images to be stored on client records for direct access or emailed to a referral vet if needed. It also ensures more rapid results and diagnoses can be reached quicker.

  • Surgical Theatre - A well-equipped theatre allows a range of procedures to be performed. Soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery are regularly carried out and all the vets in the practice are experienced surgeons. Anaesthetic monitoring equipment such as pulse oximetry ensures a high level of anaesthetic safety is achieved. Fully qualified nurses monitoring the anaesthetic and up to date full monitoring equipment.

  • Hospital - High quality stainless steel kennels with warm bedding, heat mats and heat lamps make our patients as comfortable as possible. An oxygen cage with temperature and humidity control is available for those who need it and infusion pumps ensure the accurate delivery of intravenous fluids and drugs. Regular monitoring of the patient is carried out by our qualified nurses.

  • Dentistry Equipment - Dental disease is a common problem in all species as they age and is a major cause of pain and ill-health. Tooth removal, scaling and polishing, as well as reshaping of teeth in certain species, can all be performed at our practice. Alongside this dietary and dental advice is always available.

  • In-House Laboratory - Our laboratory is well-equipped and the machines calibrated by an external laboratory. Cell counts and blood biochemistry and electrolyte readings are available swiftly and allow us to implement the correct treatments without delay. Analysis of urine and microscopic examination of skin and hair samples are also carried out on-site.

  • Ultrasound - The practice has a high quality ultrasound scanner. The detail it yields has helped our ability to diagnose a wide variety of conditions. From detached retinas to holes in the heart, many conditions can be diagnosed through this non-invasive, non-harmful method of imaging.

  • RCVS Training Centre - We are a Royal College for Veterinary Surgeons approved Training Centre for Veterinary Nurses which means that we are inspected annually.  This ensures our standards of hygiene, training, equipment and facilities stay at a high level.

  • Specialist Referrals - Some cases are complex, or require advanced imaging or testing. Those tests that we cannot perform in-house are sent to our excellent external laboratory by courier and we have a range of referral centres and specialists to whom we refer cases that need it. For example spinal surgery would be a job for an orthopaedic specialist and not for us. These links with laboratories and specialists are well established and valued.

  • Dispensary - We have a well-stocked Dispensary with the latest in modern medications and pharmaceuticals. We are bound by many regulations regarding the dispensing of drugs but try to keep as wide a range of products as we can. If we do need to order anything in, we usually have it within 48 hours. All repeat prescription requests require 48-hours notice and approval by a Vet. 

  • Ample Parking On-site

Treatments and Procedures

Treatments and Procedures

View what treatments and procedures we offer at Midhurst Vets.